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Goddess AltarTribute/Exchange

Your Tribute supports your community. We respectfully request a Tribute/Exchange of $33-$13 per person for each ritual attended. No person is ever judged or turned away due to financial hardship; you are always welcome to attend even if you are unable to make a monetary exchange. No person is ever judged or turned away due to financial hardship; you are always welcome to attend even if you are unable to make a monetary exchange—please contact the ritual’s First Priestess to arrange an Energy Exchange. The other half of your Tribute goes into our community treasury. Treasury funds are used to pay for ritual supplies and expenses, teachers we wish to bring in, causes we wish to support, Retreat expenses, and finishing the construction of our Sanctuary.

All of our rites are planned specifically for the women who RSVP and an abundance of time, energy, and resources go into planning each ritual. You are responsible for your Tribute if you RSVP even if you do not show up, or if you cancel the day of a gathering.  We do not offer refunds. All Tributes to our community are made on the Honor System and by participating with us, you are agreeing to conduct yourself with Honor.

If you would like to show your support of our mission, we gratefully and enthusiastically welcome your Tribute.  Please see our Sanctuary Wish List for our current needs or make your donation via the Paypal button below.  We appreciate all contributions, large and small!  It takes many resources to keep our community functioning smoothly and powerfully.


Although it is highly encouraged, attendance at all circles is not mandatory. We understand that you have family, children, friends, work, school, and other interests in your life. However, we choose to think of the Lunar Ritual Circle especially as a commitment to ourselves—13 nights a year for ourselves, our Sister-Queens, and Goddess. The more you put into the Sisterhood community, the more you will get out of it, and the more rapidly you will find your life changing for the better as you manifest those things you deeply desire.

We ask for your firm commitment in attending each circle to which you RSVP "yes". If you are unable to come for any reason, or if you are going to be late, please contact that ritual's First Priestess. It is our intention to wait for all Sisters to arrive before casting the circle.

Please visit our About Us and Offerings pages for more information.

Contact Us

Lady Jesamyn - jesamyn (at) sisterhoodofthemoon (dot) org
Priestess Sabrina Moon - sabrina (at) sisterhoodofthemoon (dot) org


Community Code of Ethical Conduct for the Sisterhood of the Moon

We are all manifestations of the Divine, therefore, we are all One.  We value the dignity, worth, and sovereignty of each individual and we seek to embody integrity in all of our interactions. Having heard the call of the Goddess and willingly joined the community of the Sisterhood of the Moon, as a Sister-Queen, I voluntarily pledge myself to this Community Code of Ethical Conduct:

  • I treat my Sisters and myself with respect, courtesy, honor, patience, graciousness, and fairness. 
  • I open my heart and commit myself to compassion, peaceful exchange, cooperation, and non-violent communication with my Sisters and within our community. I deeply honor each Sister’s unique individual expression of Self and also actively seek the places where our beliefs and thoughts harmoniously intersect.
  • I strive to be honest in all of my interactions with my Sisters and our community. My words are sacred.
  • I do what I say I am going to do or, if I find I am unable to, I take ownership and let those affected know immediately and directly.  When I commit myself to something, I follow through.
  • I recognize that we all do the best we can, and when there is any question, I choose to give my Sisters the benefit of the doubt before reaching conclusions or forming judgment.
  • I do not engage in triangulation or gossip about my Sisters or our community.  Further, I deal with any issues that arise quickly and directly, and/or seek conflict resolution.
  • If I have a complaint, compliment, or question about the leadership or the circle, I address the High Priestess directly as soon as possible.  I choose to make a serious commitment to do my part in keeping the lines of communication open, honest, and clear.  I know my thoughts and concerns are always welcome and valid. 
  • I know I am free to resign from the Sisterhood without penalty or judgment.  I will inform first a High Priestess and then my Sisters. 

Leadership Code of Ethical Conduct of the Sisterhood of the Moon
(High Priestess, Priestesses, Priestess-Apprentices)

In addition to vowing to uphold the Community Code of Ethical Conduct above, as a Leader in our community I pledge myself to this Leadership Code of Ethical Conduct:

  • I am in service to the Goddess, and to our community, the Sisterhood of the Moon.
  • I am committed to life-long learning, to personal growth, and to openness to new ideas and new ways of being.  I continually strive to learn more and to actualize my full potential.
  • I intentionally engage in my Shadow-work and acknowledge my own Shadow, projections, weaknesses, and misconceptions.
  • I am personally responsible for knowing, articulating, and holding my own boundaries.
  • I always give credit and gratitude where it is due.
  • I am responsible and personally accountable for my thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.  I take ownership of and responsibility for the creation of my reality.
  • I express gratitude in my life through not taking people or events for granted and by maintaining a healthy harmony between humility and pride.
  • I am committed to maintaining confidentiality and privacy unless prohibited by law.
  • I do not engage in sexually harassing or inappropriate behavior.
  • I do not engage in dual relationships within our community—platonic or sexual—without prior deep solitary contemplation and then discussion with my Priestess-Sisters, and unless participating in these relationships is in the best interest of our community and the individual(s) involved.
  • I am committed to mindfulness, truth, transparency, respect, and integrity in all of my actions and in communication with my Sisters.
  • I maintain that all beings are equal in the eyes of the Goddess.



Sisterhood of the Moon

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