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In addition to our rituals, classes, and other gatherings, Sisterhood of the Moon offers Priestess Training Apprenticeships, a Priest/ess/x Mentoring Program, and Green Witch Herbal ApprenticeshipsLady Jesamyn is also available for one-on-one consultations.


The Women's Mystery School of Magick and Empowerment
Spiraling Our Way to Sovereignty and Personal Power
"Women on a Journey to Ourselves"

Have you ever dreamed of belonging to a community of caring, creative, witchy women? Is the Goddess calling you to explore Her Holy Mysteries? Do you long to align yourself with a dynamic and flourishing lineage of magick and sisterhood? Dreams do come true, my Sister!

Welcome to The Women’s Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment!

Born in 2015, The Women's Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment is an online, 13 Moon, self-paced initiatory journey into sovereignty, magick, self-love, and authenticity. Please click here to learn more and to register.


Priestess Training Apprenticeships

Do you hear Her calling?  Do you wish to serve the Sisterhood as a community Priestess alongside other Priestess-Sisters?  Or, do you have dreams of one day hiving off and leading your own coven, circle, or community?  Are you ready to take the spiraling journey within, to the deepest part of yourself, and then back out again, bringing your wisdom and learning to the world?

Sisterhood of the Moon offers a 3+ year, three-level Priestess Training program, beginning with Apprentice and culminating with Ordained Priestess.   Whether you are hearing the call for the first time or already hold Priestess credentials in another Tradition, our Priestess Program is specially and specifically designed for each individual.  Please click here to learn more about our Priestess Training Apprenticeships.

Priest/ess/x Mentoring Program

Lady Jesamyn also offers a one-on-one Priest/ess/x Mentoring Program for those who are already Priest/ess/xes or are in Training (in any Tradition) and desire an individual coach and Sacred Guide.  Achieve your spiritual and leadership goals through focused monthly sessions geared towards manifesting your success!

Please click here for more information about our Priestess Training Apprenticeships and our Priest/ess/x Mentoring Program.

Green Witch Herbal Apprenticeships

Are the Mysteries of our Green Allies demanding your attention? Answer the call with our Sisterhood’s Green Witch Herbal Apprenticeship Program in Magickal and Medicinal Herbalism. Learn how to make magickal and medicinal herbal preparations, which herbs are appropriate for each body system, how to call on the Sacred Plant Allies in your personal and group work, herbal correspondences, kitchen witchery, and more. Each one-on-one class session includes lecture, handouts, herbcrafting projects, and more. A completed course of study culminates in your Green Witch Initiation.

Individual Consultations

Lady Jesamyn Angelica offers private and confidential one-on-one consultations, mentoring, and coaching to meet your needs and facilitate you in creating the life you deeply yearn for. She is available for Rites of Passage (including weddings, baby blessings, separation rites, last rites, memorial services, and more); pastoral counselling, manifestation and other magick; divination, oracular tarot, psychic and other readings; healings (including energy/aura cleansing, guided pathworking, and more); magickal training (including Goddess Spirituality and Dianic Witch training, culminating in Initiation); energetic house, work, car cleansings and blessings, etc.; and Holistic Health (including Herbal and Flower Essence) programs. To schedule an appointment for Oracular Tarot and Psychic Counselling, please go to this page.
Lady Jesamyn and Priestess Sabrina also offer legal clergy services, and would love to officiate your wedding!

All Apprenticeships, Programs, and Consultations are offered on a sliding scale. Priestess Training Tribute/Exchange is $100-$50 (sliding scale) per monthly meeting.  For all other consultations and programs, including Oracular Tarot and Psychic Counselling, Tribute/Exchange is $100+-$80 (sliding scale) per one-hour meeting. No one is ever turned away due to financial hardship; please contact Lady Jesamyn if you need to arrange a payment plan.


Sisterhood of the Moon Accomplishment Awards

Sisterhood of the Moon Accomplishment Awards are earned through taking classes, trainings, or apprenticeships with us.  If you desire Initiation as a Sisterhood of the Moon Witch, this is one path to that goal.  Those women who desire Sisterhood of the Moon Initiation are required to circle with us for a minimum of a year and a day (13 rituals) as well as earn 13 Accomplishment Awards.  Generally, each class, training, or apprenticeship meeting you complete equals one Award. In-person Witch Initiations are offered once per year during our Annual Imbolc Rite of Dedication and Initiation in February, on or near Imbolc.  Please contact us with your questions or to sign up. Click here for current classes.

Testimonials for Sisterhood of the Moon classes:

"In our busy, often spiritually hungry lives, Sisterhood of the Moon workshops offer women a doorway to a sacred space and are an invaluable gift to give yourself. I have come away with a deeper understanding of myself and my magick as well as a stronger connection with the Universe and the divine feminine. Lady Jesamyn's gentle guidance and wisdom permeate every aspect of these beautifully designed classes. In an intimate cozy setting, with hands on and sharing activities, meditative exercises, and natural spellwork, we learn to use tools to open ourselves to the ancient and transcendent knowledge within."  --N.P.

“Jesamyn’s classes are offered in a safe space that is welcoming and warm. The classes have work, but it is reasonable and definitely gives the student solid building materials which they can take back into their day to day life and easily used. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the class and now have an undeniable bond with the women I took the class with. It allowed me to work through some difficult emotional baggage and I would not exchange the experience for anything.”  –B.J.

“The classes are taught in a safe space and you are supported in sisterhood.  I have taken many classes with Jesamyn and have been challenged each time in a new way to heal, grow, and expand my life experiences. The work/homeplay is worth every bit of energy so don't let the thought of class work discourage you! The reading and exercises allow us to dive deeper into the magickal work we are participating in. You are your own keeper for the homeplay. There is no judgment around the work. Which...allows it to be more like play than work!

"I encourage you to come and experience a class structure that is one of support and community. Learning together in sacred space deepens the roots of our Goddess lineage and sends healing out the world.”  --S.B.

“High Priestess Jesamyn Angelica's online Women's Mystery School of Magick and Empowerment is powerful learning and precisely what my soul needs in these times of disconnectedness. The monthly assignments facilitate self-actualization, learning about ritual, Goddess, elements and so much more, discussions, support from HP Lady Jesamyn, and support from online Sister Queens also on the Magick and Empowerment journey.” –L.R.


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