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Our Priestesses

Our Priestesses are Sacred Guides and Guardians, dedicated to the Goddess Path and trained in these sacred, ancient Arts. We primarily serve the hearts and spirits of all women, embodied in all of our myriad, blessed, rainbow forms, as we stand together at the altar of the Great Mother, communing with the transformative magick of the Earth and Her people.

At a variety of events throughout each year, we open our doors to all people of integrity, no matter gender. With service to women as our foundation and at our center, our hearts remain oathbound in free will to serve the highest good of Sisterhood in peace while also supporting the fundamental rights of all people the Earth over. We are all One.


Priestess Services

Sisterhood of the Moon Priestesses are available for spiritual support and pastoral counseling; divinatory and psychic readings; personal and private trainings in sacred Goddess Art, Craft, Ritual, and more; house and business cleansings and blessings; and sacred ceremony and holy Rites of Passage such as weddings, birthing blessings, bride blessings, naming ceremonies, sacred separation rites and unbindings, last rites, memorial services, and more.

We are willing to travel if you are not in the Bay Area—please contact us with your needs and location.

Priestesses in Service to Sisterhood of the Moon

Jesamyn AngelicaHigh Priestess Lady Jesamyn Angelica

Lady Jesamyn Angelica, Priestess of the Luminous Void, is the Founder, Lineage Holder, and High Priestess of Sisterhood of the Moon and Sisterhood of the Tribal Priestesses, and Founder, Facilitator, and High Priestess of our Mystery School. 

Lady Jesamyn has over 30 years' experience in the Goddess Arts, ritual, and magick and is a seasoned Ordained High Priestess, Ritualist, Teacher, Herbalist, Oracle, Women's Empowerment Facilitator, and Holistic Health Practitioner. Jesamyn brings her joie de vivre, humor, and wit to all she does, combining these qualities with serious study and the practical, foundational skills in leadership, communication, and Witchcraft she has been cultivating over three decades. 

She has been practicing and studying Witchcraft since the age of 13, Goddess Spirituality since the age of 19, and Herbalism since her early twenties. Jesamyn holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, Boston, MA; Herbalist Certification from both Rosemary Gladstar and Barbara Nardozzi, VT; Holistic Health Certification from the World School, San Francisco, CA; and was Initiated as a Dianic Priestess by Leilani Birely in 2004 and then Ordained by her in 2008. Lady Jesamyn was ordained Dianic Clergy by Zsuzsanna Budapest at the Goddess Festival in La Honda, CA in 2010 and then received her Dianic Queendom/High Priestess Ordination from Z at the Festival in 2012.  She received High Priestess designation from GrannyMoon at The Goddess School in 2017.

In addition, she gives gratitude to all of her beloved Sisters and Brothers of the Path for their unyielding support, especially her Sisterhood of the Tribal Priestesses and Sisterhood of the Sacred Veil families, and her teachers, mentors, and models. She offers especial appreciation for the wisdom and inspiration gained from exploring the work of Carolyn Elliott of WITCH Magazine, Christopher Penczak of The Temple of Witchcraft, and Jhenah Telyndru of The Sisterhood of Avalon.

She is vowed to lifelong study and enjoys particular enthusiasm for manifestation magick, the oracular path, and the fine art of ritual facilitation.  Her spiritual ministry is dedicated to empowering women and other people of integrity through truth-speaking, authenticity, and self-exploration.

You can read Lady Jesamyn's monthly blog on Modern Priestessing here.

Sabrina BaxterPriestess Sabrina Moon

Initiated May 2, 2014
Ordained May 20, 2016
First Daughter and First Ordained Priestess of Sisterhood of the Moon
Ordained Dianic Clergy
First Ordained Priestess of Sisterhood of the Tribal Priestesses
Presiding High Priestess of Solar Tribe, Honey Hive, and Sisterhood of the Moon Red Tents

Priestess Sabrina Moon is First Daughter and First Ordained Priestess of Sisterhood of the Moon, Ordained Dianic Clergy, First Priestess of Sisterhood of the Tribal Priestesses, and is a Healer, Artist, Ritualist, Mother, and Lover of the Earth Mother. Sabrina has been practicing Goddess-centered Spirituality and Witchcraft for over 20 years. Her personal magick is based in the transformative powers of love, the cosmic expansion of the soul, and in providing service to all beings in search of the loving embrace of the Great Mother.

She is Founder and Presiding High Priestess of Solar Tribe and Honey Hive where are all hearts of integrity are welcome within Sisterhood of the Moon. She is the Presiding High Priestess and Facilitator of our Red Tents.

She was Initiated as a Dianic Witch by Lady Jesamyn Angelica in 2009 and again in 2014, the same year she was Initiated into the Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition as a Priestess. Sabrina gives gratitude, love, and great respect to her teachers: the Mother of the Dianic Tradition, Z Budapest; Lady Jesamyn Angelica, founding Mother and High Priestess of Sisterhood of the Moon; Leilani Birely, Founder and High Priestess of Daughters of the Goddess; Maria and Linda Yraceburu, founders of the Yraceburu EarthWisdom Community and the Sisters of Honua Dream Seed Council; Diana Paxon, co-author and author of The Mists of Avalon novels; and Ffiona Morgan, author and creatrix of Wild Witches Don't Get the Blues.


Initiated Priestesses

Priestess Christina Asteria

Initiated September 26, 2015

Christina has loved and followed a Goddess-based spiritual path for over 17 years. She is a Priestess-Initiate, Acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, and Mother. With a focus on authenticity, transformation, passion, and purpose, Christina helps to facilitate an abundance of these qualities within people's lives. She earned her BA in Classical Studies with a focus on Ancient Mystery Traditions and Ancient Languages, and is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Qi Gong Practitioner, and Usui Reiki Master. These studies all combine with her training from Lady Jesamyn as a Dianic Priestess to help women empower themselves and walk forward with support on their healing path. 

You can learn more about her monthly Community offerings and Healing work here. To keep updated with her monthly Meetups please visit Pleasanton Wellness Gatherings.

Much gratitude and many blessings are offered to her Teachers: Lady Jesamyn Angelica, Qi Gong Teacher Suzanne Freidman of AIMC Berkeley (deceased), Jill Mattesich-Udoutch for sharing Reiki with her, and to the many others who have helped and supported her along her Path. 




Upcoming Priestess Appearances and Events

Sisterhood of the Moon Priestesses are always willing to travel.  We are open to teaching, presenting, and sharing our special brand of ritual and magick at your festival, retreat, event, or community. Please contact us to discuss your needs.   We look forward to hearing from you!

Magic on the Mountain ~ Women's Spirituality Gathering
“Connecting with the Mother” 
April 26-29, 2018
For more information please see: UtahGoddessTemple.org

Goddess Festival in La Honda, CA
September 6-9, 2018
For more information: https://goddessfestival2018.brownpapertickets.com/



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